Verfügbarkeiten & Reservierung

«Öffnungszeiten vom 05.03.2024 bis 09.01.2024»

Allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen

1/ Our services

Pitch It is a bare pitch for your tent, caravan or motor home. From 1 to 6 persons max. The fixed price includes the site for two persons, your installation (tent, caravan or motor home), your vehicle, and the access to the infrastructures of reception, animations and sanitory blocks. Ancillary costs (Electricity, additional person, additional vehicle, pets, hiring of refrigerator,…) are not included in the fixed price and will be added to this one. Arrival: From 12:00. Departure: Before 10:00

Rental accomodation Our prices includes the people (according to the capacity of accommodation), water, gas, electricity, a vehicle, the access to the infrastructures of reception, animations and sanitory blocks. Your accommodation will have to be given in a clean state at the time of your departure. Arrival: 16:00 at 19:00. For an arrival, apart from these schedules, thanks for warning us to the 06 66 45 32 50 to know the procedure. Departure: Before 10:00.

Your wishes for a precise pitch or accommodation on the camp-site can be satisfied only according to our possibilities with the reception on your arrival or at the time of your reservation.

Activities Any free or paying activity, mentioned in this document can in certain circumstances independent of our fact, being modified or cancelled at the time of your arrival on the site. For this reason our responsibility could not be committed.

Extras Whatever the adopted formula, additional expenses will be invoiced for the additional vehicles, the additional tents, the animals, the visitors… Our rates including all taxes, do not include the visitor’s tax. The visitor’s tax is invoiced simultaneously with your accommodation. It is payable at the same thatn your booking. It is nonmodifiable and nonrefundable on your arrival on the site.

2/ Settlement of your journey

Accepted payment modes For booking installment as for settlement of the balance, you can use the following methods of payment: Cash, credit card, credit transfer.

Methods of settlement Any request for firm reservation emanating from the purchaser must be formulated in writing and accompanied: – by a payment of an installment of 30% of the journey rate, – 10 Euros of admin fee, for the stays equal to or higher than 7 nights,

– and the contribution for the insurance cancellation (if subscribed)

This reservation has contractual value only with reception by the purchaser, of a confirmation of booking emitted by the camp-site.

The balance of the journey is to be paid at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the stay. If the balance is not paid within the timing indicated, this one is regarded as cancelled. Our conditions of cancellation described hereafter apply.

3/ Last minute booking

Any reservation carried out within a time lower than 30 days before the date of arrival must be paid completely and by credit card or bank transfer.

4/ Late arrival and anticipated departure

In the event of delayed arrival or of early retirement, compared to the dates mentioned on your form of reservation, the totality of the stay will remain due. You will be able to claim with no refunding for the part of the stay not carried out.

5/ Non présentation on the campsite

In the event of nonpresentation on the campsite within a period of 48 hours as from the beginning of your stay and without news of your arrival, we will make available to ther customer your accommodation or pitch. We retain the expenses in application to our conditions of cancellation.

6/ Cancellation

Due to customer Any cancellation must be notified by mail with acknowledgement of delivery, which will take effect as from the date of reception of the mail:

  • more than 30 days before your arrival, the amount of the installment remains sure with the camp-site.
  • less than 30 days before your arrival, the full amount of the hiring, the expenses of reservation and file, and of the contribution of insurance are retained. To obtain a possible compensation, we invite you to subscribe an insurance for cancellation or for interruption of stay, at the time of the reservation.

The campsite offers you optional Cancellation and Interruption insurance in your rental contract. Our partner Gritchen Affinity will refund all or part of the stay only to customers that have purchased Campez Couvert insurance.

In case of cancellation, please notify the campsite of your cancellation as soon as an event occurs that prevents your departure, by letter or by email. If the claim is covered in the general conditions (available at or from the campsite), please notify the insurer within 48 hours and provide all the necessary information and supporting documents.

Due to campsite If the camp-site is brought to cancel its services of hiring of pitch and/or rental accommodation, any contractor having received his confirmation of stay, will be informed by e-mail or registered letter then refunded completely to the amount of the sums which he will have paid.

7/ Deposit

For rental accommodation, a deposit of 300 euros will be requested to you from your arrival, which will be returned to you under about eight days as from your departure. The camp-site reserves the right to keep a part or the total sum in the event of deterioration of accommodation and its contents and/or equipment on the camp-site. The camp-site reserves also the right to deduce the sum from 100 euros to mitigate the expenses of housekeeping if this one were not carried out at the time of the departure.

8/ Minor children

The minors children of more than 16 years not accompanied by their parents are accepted in the camp-site with parental authorization.

9/ Pets

In general, dogs and cats (except dogs of category 1 and 2) are authorized in the campsite with a supplement (see rates). We require dogs to be hold on leash within the boundary of campsite. Take care to respect the hygiene and the environment of the camp-site. The health record must be presented on your arrival with the campsite. The anti-rabic vaccines and the certificate of tattooing are obligatory.

10/ Claims

Any possible claim after with a stay, will have to be formulated in writing, and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery, in the 20 days following your stay.